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FieldSENSE FS60 5G Monitor

The all new 5G ready Personal RF Monitor from FieldSENSE. The FieldSENSE FS60 is the next generation monitor with some substantial upgrades from the FieldSENSE 2.0. As the most affordable personal RF monitor available, the FieldSENSE FS60 is designed for tower climbers.


FieldSENSE FS60 5G RF Monitor

Watch the video to see it in action.

Designed for tower climbers

  • Rugged IP64 Enclosure

    Designed with tough, rugged materials, the device comes with a heavy-duty case and custom molded insert.

  • Harness fastening

    A strap and buckle system fastens to the climber’s harness. It’s specifically designed to keep it away from areas which would get in the way while working or climbing.

  • Wrist strap

    The device can alternatively be strapped to your wrist.

  • Fall detect & alarm

    Fall detection system will sound an alarm in the event of a fall to attract attention.


• 5G Ready
• Frequency Range 50MHz - 60 GHz
• Assesses Multi-Frequency and Multi-Source conditions
• Improved Buzzer LEDs visible in direct sunlight
• Data Logging and Voice recorder
• Redesigned one-handed operation harness strap

Frequency range

The FieldSENSE FS60 measures an increased range from 50 MHz to 60 GHz which now includes coverage from broadcast FM to millimeter-wave 5G systems of up to 60 GHz.